An Exercise in Sitting with Discomfort

Towards more equitable support for relocation in North-South contexts

How can we empower civil society actors who have to leave their home country and at the same time be sensitive to their experiences of discrimination? Temporary resettlement programmes are rooted in international solidarity. However, they are also part of a system shaped by global power dynamics and colonial history. Drawing on the experiences and needs of resettled artists, this study develops practical recommendations for a more just, anti-racist approach. It addresses relocation programmes, host organisations, funders and policy makers. Eliminating injustice, structural and individual racism leads to discomfort and requires constant self-reflection. This discomfort can serve as a catalyst for change that cannot be achieved through individual action alone.


Year of publication: 2022

Rana Yazaji, Marion Schmidt

Type of publication: Studies
Topic: Culture and Foreign Policy, Art and Cultural Heritage, Protection and Relocation, Civil Society
Edition: 1
Pages: 84
Series: ifa Edition Culture and Foreign Policy
Art. No.: 7092

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