Analysing Decolonial Climate Perspectives

The Case of the Brazilian Legal Amazon

Climate change is a complex transdisciplinary challenge that requires ongoing reflections and the inclusion of different perspectives to its debate. Climate change is not fairly addressed when topics such as culture, education, including the colonial past that resulted in the current relations between countries, are not considered as part of the debate. This is indeed one of the premises of this study. This study takes place within the framework of ifa’s Research Programme “Culture and Foreign Policy” in which experts analyse current topics of international cultural relations and develop recommendations for future external cultural policy measures. It discusses the potential and challenges of a more decolonial approach to international cooperation in the field of environment and climate change, having education and culture as bases and tools for this cooperation. This study specifically addresses the German Climate Foreign Policy towards the Brazilian Legal Amazon region. A literature review, semi-structured interviews, and roundtables were conducted as part of the research to take into account an overview of perceptions from different stakeholders connected with the research topic.


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Year of publication: 2023

Pedro Affonso Ivo Franco, Marina Caetano

Type of publication: Studies
Topic: (Post-)Colonialism, International Cultural Relations, Climate and Environment, Culture and Foreign Policy, Civil Society
Edition: 1
Pages: 73
Series: ifa-Edition Kultur und Außenpolitik
Art. No.: 7096

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