Country Report

Cuba's external cultural policy (ECP) is in a unique position. On the one hand, the country is comparatively low-income and internationally isolated, limiting its international appeal. On the other, it retains remarkable strengths—an impressive scientific and educational prowess and the image of fighting for the developing world. This boosts Cuba's international profile. At the same time, Cuba is torn between the desire to shield itself from US influence and the need to allow culture to flourish freely without burdensome government interference. These tensions characterise Cuba's ECP. The country is divided between seeming like a Cold War relic and an important model for current international cooperation.



Year of publication: 2023
Author: Edward Knudsen
Type of publication: Studies and inputs
Topic: Fundamentals in Cultural Relations and Education Policy, International Cultural Relations, Culture and Foreign Policy
Edition: 1
Pages: 14
Series: The External Cultural Policy Monitor
Art. No.: 8045