Cultural and Creative Industries Supporting Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mapping and Analysis

Over the last 20 years, cultural and creative industries (CCIs) have been recognised as drivers of sustainable development. They are seen as crucial for social cohesion, social and economic change and political stability. What policies, programmes and projects support CCIs in sub-Saharan Africa? How do they work? And what are their practical implications? The study examines the individual programmes of the cultural institutions of European countries alongside the multilateral programmes run by the European Union. The authors show how, where and why CCI programmes are implemented and argue for more sustainable projects with a stronger focus on local ownership.


Year of publication: 2020
Author: Pedro Affonso Ivo Franco, Kimani Njogu
Type of publication: Studies and inputs
Topic: International Cultural Relations, Europe
Edition: 1
Pages: 104
Series: ifa Edition Culture and Foreign Policy
Art. No.: 7073

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