Cultural Education and Digitisation

Experiences and Perspectives in German‐Chinese Dialogue

There are numerous actors working in Arts Education and cooperating internationally. However, the concept of cultural education is not based on a universal understanding. A German-Chinese expert forum developed perspectives for linking digitalisation and cultural education in Germany and China. What discourses determine the debates on cultural education in the two countries? What hopes and fears are associated with digitisation in general, but especially in the context of cultural education? What prospects for further development can be identified and what is the significance of the international dialogue between Germany and China?

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Year of publication: 2018

Eckart Liebau

Type of publication: Inputs
Topic: Education, Digitisation and AI, International Cultural Relations, Culture and Foreign Policy, Art and Cultural Heritage
Edition: 1
Pages: 11
Series: ifa Input
Art. No.: 9007

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