Culture In Security

International Cultural Relations as an Enabler of Peace through Engagement

How can the arts, heritage and cultural sectors contribute to peace and security in an increasingly conflicted world? At the 2022 ICRRA conference, numerous academic approaches and practical projects from around the world showcased the important role that international cultural relations can play in this. This report provides a summary of the conference’s main themes and outcomes as well as recommendations to policy makers.

The written conference programme, interviews with speakers as well as the recordings of keynotes and panel discussions are available at the ICRRA website.


Year of publication: 2023
Author: Carla Figueira, Avril Joffe, James Perkins, Venka Purushothaman, Sarah E.K. Smith, Odila Triebel, Cesar Villanueva
Type of publication: Studies and inputs
Topic: Intercultural Dialogue, International Cultural Relations, Culture and Foreign Policy
Edition: 1
Pages: 8
Series: ifa Policy Brief
Art. No.: 9019

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