Migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe

Reasons, Sources of Information and Perception of German Engagement,

Push/pull models do not adequately describe migration processes, but are often used in politics to explain the causes of flight and to point out ways to combat them. What are the motives for migration? What information or knowledge is available? What role do international cooperation projects play? In addition to "classic" push factors, social pressure plays a role in migration decisions - with the risk of social exclusion if migration fails. Migrants are better informed about risks than assumed, especially about the dangers of flight and the risk of failure abroad. The reach of international projects on migration can be expanded, and the image of central actors needs to be improved.

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Year of publication: 2017
Author: Anke Fiedler
Type of publication: Studies and inputs
Topic: Intercultural Dialogue, International Cultural Relations, Conflict Resolution
Edition: 1
Pages: 54
Series: ifa Edition Culture and Foreign Policy
Art. No.: 7051

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