Soft Power and the New Geopolitics

Germany in Comparative Perspective

Have recent geopolitical changes altered the role of soft power in the foreign policy of the major powers? What challenges and opportunities does this present for German external cultural policy (ECP), which encompasses cultural and art exchanges, language programmes, educational institutions, science diplomacy and the media? What are the consequences and what proposals can be derived for future policy-making? The report explores these questions, places Germany in a comparative context and shows how the country compares to other major "soft power superpowers". The authors analyse soft power narratives, strategies and activities from 2015 to the present and provide policy recommendations on how Germany can improve its ECP in the future.



Year of publication: 2023

Helmut K. Anheier, Edward L. Knudsen, Regina A. List

Type of publication: Comparative Reports
Topic: Fundamentals in Cultural Relations and Education Policy, International Cultural Relations
Edition: 1
Pages: 85
Series: The External Cultural Policy Monitor
Art. No.: 8050