Relocation Initiatives and Their Impact on Home Communities

Case Study of Kenyan Human Rights Defenders

Kenyan human rights defenders (HRDs) campaign for gender equality, women's and children's rights, and against corruption, among other issues. They themselves, as well as their communities, are exposed to threats and stress. Temporary relocation allows them to recover, expand their network and continue their work. What is the impact of these relocations on HRDs' home communities? How do they benefit from the HRDs' improved psychosocial health and new contacts upon their return? What unrealistic expectations do the home communities have, e.g. in financial terms? How can they be more involved in the whole process?



Year of publication: 2020

Salome Nduta, Patrick Mutahi

Type of publication: Studies
Topic: Culture and Foreign Policy, Protection and Relocation, Civil Society
Edition: 1
Pages: 27
Series: ifa Edition Culture and Foreign Policy
Art. No.: 7071

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