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The “Right to Freedom of Artistic Expression” and Cultural Relativism

International Law Perspectives

In an era marked by escalating geopolitical conflict and backsliding of democratic values, the global landscape is witnessing a concerning surge in the suppression of artistic voices. Two significant challenges confront the nascent movement to defend artistic freedoms - the under-discussion of "artistic freedom" within international legal forums and the underutilisation of international law's potential to defend and promote the rights of artists. At its core, the input asks how the diverse cultural norms, traditions, and values in states should be reconciled with the universal imperative to protect artists' rights?



Year of publication: 2024

Andra Matei and Sanchit Saluja

Type of publication: Inputs
Topic: International Cultural Relations, Culture and Foreign Policy, Art and Cultural Heritage
Edition: 1
Pages: 13
Series: ifa Input
Art. No.: 9026

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