United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is often referred to as a soft power superpower. Although British cultural diplomacy has a long tradition, it has been profoundly affected by various disruptive developments such as Brexit. The country is therefore trying to reposition itself as a truly global nation and revitalise and leverage old partnerships with the "Global Britain" strategy. In its external cultural policy (ECP) approach, cultural and educational promotion as well as economic interests go hand in hand. Export-oriented strategies in higher education or the promotion of British innovation and expertise not only expand the UK's influence, but also support its economic security. The British Council (founded in 1934) is the world's oldest organisation for cultural relations and is active in over 100 countries. 


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Year of publication: 2021

Edward Knudsen, Darinka Markovic

Type of publication: Country Reports
Edition: 1
Pages: 15
Series: The External Cultural Policy Monitor
Art. No.: 8030

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