China's Cultural Diplomacy in a New Era of Multilateralism

The Case of the China-Community of Latin American & Carribean States (CELAC) Forum (CCF)

Cultural diplomacy has been one component of China's foreign policy since its very foundation. However, only recently culture has been wielded as a tool to serve high-reaching goals commensurate with China’s rising superpower status and its capacity to contend for global hegemony. This study examines China’s recent efforts to enhance cultural exchanges in multilateral and regional platforms and aims to analyse the rationale, motivations, main initiatives and strategies underpinning China’s cultural diplomacy based on a conceptual framework centred on the notions of cultural diplomacy and hegemonic transition. Focusing on Latin America, the research investigates the China-Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) Forum (CCF) as a platform for cultural exchanges and an instrument of China’s cultural diplomacy, and systematises its cultural initiatives, prioritised areas, key actors involved, and strategies. The study also assesses the trajectory of the CCF in the cultural dimension and proposes recommendations.

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Year of publication: 2023

Ximena Zapata

Type of publication: Studies
Topic: International Cultural Relations, Culture and Foreign Policy
Edition: 1
Pages: 195
Series: ifa-Edition Culture and Foreign Policy
Art. No.: 7098

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